Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Another challenging week.

Dreaming, theme of this week’s WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. Somehow I find it a little bit difficult to interpret. For me, association of dream is sometimes limitless, since my dream can have a very broad range. I can be chased by somekind of monster at some point then flying and soaring above up in the sky. Sometimes dark and vague but also very bright and so solid.

So, for this challenge, I post mostly pictures related to sky since flying free floating in the air is the most vivid dream I can recall from my dreams. Here they are.

Sun Rising in Jakarta

Dusk in Jakarta

I took the picture above from the rooftop of my boarding house in east Jakarta around 2011. Woke up early in the morning I did some exercise in the spacious area provided for hanging washed clothes in the rooftop. I love the serene and calm that the dusk bring with. Another picture I took in the morning I posted here.

Bright Light Behind The Cloud

Cloudy Sky

I don’t know why, when I see picture above what I can imagine is my nightmare. Though thick black cloud is there but I know i the end there’s a light shining so bright. :)

Clear Weather Clouds

Ascending Light

Ordinary dream with nice for most of it content.

Light Bulb Enlight The Dark

Light Bulb

The light above was taken in Singapore when I queued in Transformer ride. The light and darkness around it reminds me of bedside lamp. Somehow I get drowsy just by looking at the light image from this picture.

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

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    1. danirachmat Post author

      Makasih Mba Mechta.
      Saya jugaa.. Terutama kalo lagi di atas awan dan tipe awannya yang terlihat solid dan bertumpuk-tumpuk…
      Jadi pengen punya alatnya Doraemon. :P


    1. danirachmat Post author

      Mba Irmaaaa.. Mohon maaf. Inti dari tulisannya ga penting kok. Cuman bilang itu awan, ini lampu, langit pagi hari.

      Maafkan ya Mbaa Iirrrr.. T.T
      *etapi makasih ya sudah dikomenin. :D*



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