[EF#8] Dear Younger Me

Dear Me,

I know that you won’t likely to read this letter. However, just to make it clear I’m you in the next ten years. Yes, older you.

I write this letter answering a challenge from a community that call themselves Blog English Club (which is grammatically incorrect, haha!). Their challenge for this week isΒ to write a letter to younger you,Β which is you, me in 2005.

Let’s see. Aah, I know that this very moment ten years ago I was still in Surabaya and preparing my college final project or should I say ours? Pretty confusing eh? Haha.

If you asked any advice from me, nothing much I can say. Just be brave, savour every moment and get the best out of anything that happened or will happen in your life. Worry not, you’ll be doing just great.

Nothing that I want to change. Thanks and good luck!

You in the next 10 years.
Writing this letter from a moving Kopaja around Kuningan, Jakarta.



  1. Ira
  2. Vita
  3. nate
  4. Pungky KD
  5. Ninda Frisky
  6. Ami

Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen! #Eh?! ;-P

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