[EF#9] Meet-up is A Must

A moment with loved ones

How many times do I meet another blogger? Many!

But not so many-many that I can’t count on them by my fingers already. Haha.

I love meeting up my fellow bloggers. As long as the time and venue are reachable, most probably I will say yes to a meetup invitation. It is always energy recharging experiences.

I blog since 2007 in various platforms. This WordPress blog is my first ever blog I registered but not until 2011 I actively put my thoughts in it. I used Facebook note, Multiply, Blog Detik and Tumblr. I forgot when, where and with whom was my first meetup.

I usually write down any meet-up here. From searching result, my first WordPress blog meet-up was with Amel back in November 2012. Then I met a blogger that is my neighbour, I came to various malls and restaurant and even I went to Bandung and came to one of very famous blogger for a meet-up.

Nervous is something that I have to bear every time I’m about to meet my blogger friends. Thinking what I’m going to talk with him/her, what if I turn out a boring person and thousand of other what ifs. Taking a deep breath and just step into the venue always work for me. Just ignore all the uncomfortable feeling and the likes.

With bloggers, I seemed never to run out of things to talk about. Though I never knew him/her before, but it always effortless to ask questions and tell stories as if we were old friends that met again after a long time. Or maybe we are? We read each other’s stories though.

My most recent meet-up and the biggest one to date was last week’s BEC meet-up. I met more than 20 bloggers at a time! Can you imagine that? Nah, I won’t tell you about it again as you may already read about it many times from here and there. 😀

Does it do any good for me? The meet-up? As I can surely say it does. A meet-up boosts my energy in blogging as I can meet in person wonderful people with their amazing thinking. It shows me that this is not a lonely world and I get to know real people. Hopefully at last I can befriend them. Well, a lot more than that actually. But you know what I mean right?

So what about you? How is your meetup moment(s)?

Below is my last 10 meet-up list written in this blog not including BEC meet-up:
[display-posts category=”kopi-darat”]

PS: Picture above is not from a blogger meet-up 😛

This post to answer Blog English Club week 9 challenge: Share your meet-up moments!



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