Weekly Photo Challenge : Everyday Life

Before the next Weekly Photo Challenge theme out, I post this Weekly Photo Challenge : Everyday Life. Hopefully it is not somekind of cheating. This week I felt very busy that didn’t give me any chance to update this blog. Not even to reply comments coming in. Well, below are my Everyday Life:

This is picture of my sister and her husband riding a motorcycle. I took their picture from behind. Their reflection from rearview mirror is so cute. Poeple riding motorcycle in Jakarta is an everyday view that we can see everywhere.

Ini poto adik gw dan suaminya naik motor. Gw ambil potonya dari belakang. Entah kenapa bayangan mereka di spion menurut gw cute. Orang naik motor di Jakarta bisa kita liat tiap hari dimanapun di Jakarta.

This is the picture of my grandmother. I posted her picture with Aaqil sometimes back then. She was talking with my mom when I took this picture. Everyday she tried to walk as a form of exercise.

Ini poto si Mak mbah gw.Gw pernah posting potonya Mak sama Aaqil beberapa waktu yang lalu jiah. Mak lagi ngobrol sama Ibu oas gw ambil potonya. Tiap hari beliau nyoba jalan buat ngelatih fisiknya.

So instead of three pictures I only posted two this week. ๐Ÿ™‚



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Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen! #Eh?! ;-P

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