Being Married

I’ve been married for almost a month! I still feel that it’s unbelievable! Seeing me, myself as a married man.

I always see other man, married man, as someone that has a very strong heart and mind, blessed with abundant wisdom and love to lead his family. Brave enough to take his lady’s hand over from her parents and guide his family along the way. I never saw myself brave enough, wise enough, had big enough heart to take such responsibility.

Then I met her. A wonderful lady that I shook her father’s hand and declared my commitment and took her as my lovely wife. I married her on July 17th 2011. Almost a month today. Ever since, I’m  a married man.

See myself as a married person.. How I put it. I think that I still don’t have enough wisdom nor bravery or love to face the journey. But something in me changed eventhough a lil bit. I can’t explain what or how. But yes, something changed. In a good way.

When people ask me how does it feel being married. All I can say to answer is : Heaven on Earth!

*big smile*

4 tanggapan untuk “Being Married”

Congrats Dan…
Semoga menjadi keluarga Sakinah Mawaddah Warrahmah.
Sepurane, wingi ora iso teko kang..

Anyway, enjoy your marriage life

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