Best Road Trip I’ve Ever Taken

Just joining daily post challenge and for today challenge as in the title. Best road trip I’ve ever taken.

Well, since I had never have one before, I  mean road trip (according to Wikipedia, A road trip is a journey via automobile, sometimes unplanned or impromptu), I don’t really sure what to write. Duuh!! ~~.’   Okay, I’ll just write my favorite moment where I have to be in a vehicle in certain period of time that definitely longer than half an hour, and it will be on a train.

Train? Yup! a rocking moving slowly in a daylight and maybe some shimmering light in the night through Indonesian (java especially) provinces train. I love it very much! I can say that I’ve tried almost any kind of transportation modes – land, flying in the middle of air and floating in the surface of water –

Midnight Train

Water :

I’ve been through moving ships that sailed crossing Sunda strait on my Lampung – Jakarta trip and I’m pretty sure that I don’t like being in a ship in an ocean. Helpless feeling in a vast water around kinda creepy and I won’t take the option if there’s any other way to do the trip. Moreover, I’m not a good swimmer.

Flying Plane :

I couldn’t be more helpless in a plane that is floating in the middle of air up above. I’m afraid of heights and obviously I can’t fly. That’s it! Buuuuut (its But with a stressing, the way Surabayan talk) nothing could take me anywhere faster than a plane. (^^o)? and even so I’m afraid of heights I always seat in window side everytime I fly. It’s therapeutic! 😛

Land :

car, motorcycle and bus always way too fast for me to enjoy the view, of course when I’m in a passenger seat. I can get as much scenery as I want in a train. In daylight, I can see paddy field turning into golden color in a perfect evening sunshine with farmers and their family, sometimes resting under big trees beside the pond. Cars and motorcycles stop waiting for my train pass and those drivers and passengers faces, filled with laughter, sadness, anger and many other things.

When I had to take midnight train, shimmering lights from houses and form neon beside the empty streets give me sensation that peace is covering up the world. In my mind, fairies and other magical creatures are in their way recharging earth’s magical energy for the following day. And if I’m lucky enough to stay awake until dusk, I’ll get the magic of first sun beam falls on earth and doors start to open with beautiful fresh and rejoiced faces behind, where world starts the day.

That’s why I love using train, and best road trip I’ve ever taken in a train is… well, I guess I’ll just say all of them.

— Jakarta-Surabaya. Jakarta-Cirebon. Jakarta-Bandung. Lampung-Palembang.

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