Ooh how I want to have a brother or more.. 😛

Not that I don’t love my little sister or blame my parents for not giving me a brother, no. It’s just I think it would be very cool to have a brother. Or maybe it would be cool to have something that I never had. Greedy yes.

Though I never had a brother, along the way I found friends that worth to be acclaimed as brothers.

Irfan, longlife friend that I knew since junior high school. He was my first friend in Junior high with a superb talent in arts. He is the one who introduced me to drawing.

Gede, as Irfan, he is also my Junior high friend but I didn’t know him until high school when he befriended with Irfan. Another artist with huge collection of, well how to put it, boythings. :-P. Had a nice chats with him.

Kusno and Mas Rachmad. Leader-kind of brother. Kusno form my Junior high and Mas Rachmad from my ODP Mandiri years. Both always inspire me with their matured and wise ways of thinking.

Ganes. Definitely the one who taught me how to enjoy life more, Loosen up a lil’ bit and grab everything what life offers. His love to his family teaches me how strong the power of love is.

Dedi and Elwyn, well, if a man is looking for a guidance to look good at anytime as a man, not too gay-ish I mean, he should meet them. Dedi from Lampung and Elwyn fron my ODP Mandiri years. From both of them I know how to spend my dimes for the right pieces of clothes. For Elwyn, oooh how I love to do shopping with him. The funny thing is we watched this Confession of a Shopaholic movie in a darkened room together, door-closed and both of us felt really understand what that movie’s main character was going through. hillarious!

Guess that brother I meet along the way is good enough.

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