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Distractions in blogging are so many from online manga to downloaded movies. Unfortunately I given up to those kind of things and it stopped my one week posting streaks. 🙁

It was too bad I discontinued my one week non-stop post streak last week. It was Pixels moview review the last one that I posted though I have so many things to post. Same old – same old. Excuses after excusses.
Office works welled up and I had to visit customers and other things that will bore people if I write it here.
But then, other than the obvious increasing work load, I got another distraction. One of the WahtsApp group where I’m in for manga and other Japanese stuff related discussion talked about this new movie soon to be released titled Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan in English. My friends in the group said that the movie was originally a manga series. The I googled and read the first chapter.
You know what? I ended up installing a manga reader apps in my Galaxy Note 4 and downloaded all the 72 chapters of it.
Office lice during daylight and manga marathon all the way through the night.
I forgot when was the last time I got so zoned out by reading manga. I guess it was Gantz that got me the last time, and Naruto before that and then many other titles before.
It was fun to not to post any blog post though I feel like I’m missing something important. I still need to write many stories which currently are residing in the back of my head. I went to Raisa and Afgan concert last week, I enjoyed Cooking Nanta performance with Bul and there are many blog post originally scheduled to post. Including two giveaways (or three) that I failed to join.
Hopefully I can regularly update posts here. Enough for the distraction and I think I need to update more regularly here. Maybe a schedule will do. A schedule to post actually was already started late last month but then I failed to follow for the whole last week. Will look at it and hopefully I will be able to follow.
However, just finished Secret Life of Walter Mitty. That was why it took me so long to finish this single post. almost three hours to finish. 😀
It’s not distractions, it’s just me that easily got distracted.
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