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EF#2 My Wildest Dream (sort of)

A New Day Has Come
Already 2nd week of BEC! Challenge for this week should be “my wildest dream”. A theme that turned out a little bit difficult for me. I have a dream or two but I’m afraid not wild enough to be categorized as wildest dream (s).
You know, by the time goes, dream may change. The very first wild enough dream that I had was to be a Masked Tuxedo. I was deeply affected by Sailormoon, a Japanese Manga by Naoko Takeuchi. The only male hero in the story was Masked Tuxedo – a man in black tuxedo with a mask. But then again, it was only until Sailormoon series last then it was gone just like that. I guess it was just too hard to find the pretty soldiers like Sailormoon and her friends in real life. *sigh

Fast forward to 2005, my graduation year from college. Being an Informatics Engineering didn’t make me hunted down a job as an engineer in IT industry. I focused more to job opportunities in Banking Industry. Sandrina Malakiano, a news anchor from Market Review program stole my attention and made me say I want to be like her. Being able to understand and talk about financial market. Wild enough for me with IT background and knew no one in financial related business. But still, I threw away initial stage interview opportunities with some well known companies for IT related postions and flew to Jakarta and made my way into banking. *I know I repeat this story over and over again, now with different language only. 😀
Partly my wildest dream back then came true. I knew (a bit) about the industry and I can talk about it here. Narrower scope, yes, compared to Sandrina that broadcasted to every household with possession of TV, but still, I have my audiences. Thank you all by the way for reading my post. 😀
Now, in my current state, if I am asked what is my wildest dream, it has to be to write my own book, two books for a start. A fiction and a simple personal finance book. Why those two books?
First, I’m currently reading Pukat, one of Anak Mamak Series written by Tere Liye. I’m so impressed by how deep he can tell a story using simple words. This inspires me to write fiction and my dream is that it will be published by major publisher.
The second book is a simple personal finance book. A book that tells about personal finance that is simple enough so that people like Bapak and Ibuk with a very minimum experience in finance industry can use it as a guidance and make the most out of financial industry for their benefit.
Wild enough aren’t they? Considering now I can only write blogposts and not to mention zilllions other obstacle along the way to really write something. But who knows?  😀
Thanks a bunch!
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You’re dream as Masked Tuxedo was kinda wild Mr.Dani 😀
by the way, i’ll support you to make your another wild dreams come true. You must try to write book(s) about finance that easy to digest for people with a very minimum experience in finance, because i know some people struggling to manage their finance, include me XD.

OK, I don’t get the Sailormoon thing hahaha but I am very much looking forward to your book(s). I seriously think that it would come to realization. Great things take time, but be sure to let me know once they are out. I’ll be the first one in the line!!

weuw, jadi tuxedo bertopeng!! XD
semoga impiannya menerbitkan buku tercapai ya mas Dani 🙂

Read one by one for other wildest dream, seems my dream not wild enough..hihihi ;p
Hope your wish to publish the books will come true yaaaa…. ihiiyy

well don’t blame me as a boring -accounting-auditing-governement employee pulak ya- my wildest dream is a bore compare to masked tuxedo. And you don’t want to put those design-sketch-fiction as your wild dream? I am looking forward to your collaboration with Della Daud about sketch and fiction hihihi

Interesting dream, Mas Dani 🙂 I believe each of us has interests other than our main (academics) background, a passion if I may say? 😉 How about writing a book regarding (family) financial planning? Would love to read one 😀 Salam kenal, look forward to having some fun at BEC 🙂

It’s me usagi kecil *smile smile *sometimes ibu peri but can change to be usagi 😀

Wah English Friday-nya makin asik aja ya, dan saya masih belum sempat ikutan. ( “–)
Dan ngomong2 kita punya mimpi yg sama soal menulis buku, ah semoga saja bisa tercapai. X))

You can do it mas Dani! I already published a book about muslimah pregnancy.. And it feels so good to be able to share something to the society in form of a book. You definintely can do it too mas Dani! Cemunguuudh!

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