[EF#5] Glad I Took The Chance


We agreed to challenge BEC members to post their testimony about BEC for this week’s English Friday challenge.

Apparently a trip to Bandung didn’t allow me to write the post on time. I had to drive for nearly 4 hours and so many things followed that didn’t let me get my hands on this blog and write the post. I only manage to post a short answer to Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth.

Speaking of BEC, it was started on December 11, 2014 when I posted about AFTA answering Nita’s Challenge. There I wrote my concern about my uneasiness feeling on Indonesia’s workforce competitiveness especially in terms of foreign language skill. Nita and Ryan commented about things and I told a story about Free Speaking Class that I used to attend in my university.

We then created a Line Messenger group on December 19, 2014, chatted about how we can practice and improve our English Language skill through blog. We created challenges and how they should run. We made our first announcement on January 5, 2015 and the rest is as you all already know. I wrote this story in Indonesian before.

We met some generous people that willingly share their knowledge and moreover their very precious time to be our mentor. Mba Mikan, Mba Yo, Mba Eva and Mba Nana. They voluntarily provide suggestion for members to correct their grammar and even prepare materials every Wednesday.

If the challenge asks me what is BEC to me, My answer definitely is as follow:

BEC is a place where I can put my feet into a cold water like the picture I put in this post. An oasis for my thirst to practice my English, especially after I moved from my last office.

Other than that, BEC is also a place to learn so many things new. If I may say, BEC now already become a community of people with hunger to learn. Having said that, being one of the admins (currently there are 5 admins with Deva and Andik beside the three of us), I learn how to handle a community in a social media. Planning events, conduct a discussion session and many things. Another upside from BEC is that I get to know many new names that become blogger friends.

Well, actually BEC means many more things to me but I lost for words already.

It is heartwarming reading all of the participants’ posts this week. Many thanks to you all. May BEC will always be there to facilitate our English Learning needs.


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