[EF#7] I Present to You: Jakarta!

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, has so many to offer. The picture represents this. Contrast dense residential area side by side with luxurious shopping malls and office buildings. I present to you the small fragment of the city! 🙂


Answering Week 7 challenge of English Friday, Snap and Tell a Story, I upload this picture.

I choose this very small fraction of Jakarta. Taken from 9th floor of Lotte Avenue shopping mall abbreviated as LoVe. It is located in Mega Kuningan Jakarta, an area known as a business district and location of many embassy offices. The picture above shows area behind the district.

I love taking pictures of rooftop and this one is clearly showing many of them. Other than that this picture also tells a story about Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

Growing up in Surabaya, not originally came from Jakarta, I always admire the city. Since I was a little kid, I used to hear stories about how people will try to get their feet here. Venture their future and throw out their comfortable life back where they come from. Jakarta was the city full of possibilities the stories said.

Now, even though I’m not living in the city, but most of my days are spent in Jakarta. I start to drive from home from a neighbouring city at 5.30 am every working day and get into the city around 6.05 am. Leaving Jakarta around 7.00 pm. 12 hours in the city, I guess people may say that a temporary resident of the city. Does Jakarta really offer many opportunities? Yes, I can say, for those who are really strong willed. You can do almost anything here. Whatever you can sell there are people who are willing to buy.

As for an example for anything I mentioned, here in this city you can find food in a very wide range of price and from almost any part of Indonesia (and some parts of the world). From my personal experience, I can find food from ten thousand rupiah from street food vendors until couple of hundred thousand rupiah in a fancy restaurants.

Jakarta also offers food from all over of Indonesia. One said that you don’t need to travel throughout Indonesia to taste country’s culinary, you only need to come to Jakarta. Really, in a mall foodcourt you can easily find food from almost any region in Indonesia. Even there are also foods from other countries, not to mention a country specific restaurant.

That is only about food, what I can say is that you will definitely find almost anything you want in Jakarta.

To me, the picture represents the diversity that the city has. There are small and cramped houses in a densely populated residential area, but just a few meter next to it, there is contrast view of high rise shopping malls and office buildings looking so modern.

Amazing right? That is only a small part of Jakarta and a very tiny fraction of Indonesia my beloved country. What about you? What picture and story do you have?

Here you can read Indonesian version of the above post

94 tanggapan untuk “[EF#7] I Present to You: Jakarta!”

Pagiii amat pak postingnya…
Eh sekarang…pake 2 versi bshasa ya…
Iya ya kontras bgt hidup di jakarta. apartemen mewah bisa sebelah2an ama pemukiman yg kurang layak huni..
Tapi gimanapun jakarta adalah kota yg menjanjikan.

aihh….gw lagi gawe tau dan di jam segini…pyuhhh…
udah ketinggaln 3 EF nih….mudah2an hr ini sempet nulis…
btw…kota yang gw gak mau tinggali itu Jakarta.
Entah kenapa tiap kali gw ke jakarta bawaannya mual mulu…(seriously)
pusing liat macet…macet…macet…
Kalo ada tawaran kerja di Jakarta udah nolak duluan…

Haaahhh??? Jam 4 pagi gawe? Seriusan?? X(
Gw dulu juga gitu Ra. Ga mau tinggal di Jakarta. Reaksi gw pas pertama kali tahu dipanggil ke Jakarta adalah muntah di toilet. But people adapt. Human adapt. I adapt. Jadi ya udah biasa aja skr.

Bnr sih Dan, smua ada di Jakarta.. Ga perlu ke daerah2 di Indonesia buat kuliner, krn makanan khas daerah di indonesia, so ada di jakarta :p
Gw setuju Dan klo foto lu mewakili keberanekaragaman kota ini, ngambilnya pas, jd terlihat smua wlopun ga seisi jakarta 😀

oh dari Surabaya. pantes langsung klop sama Andik 🙂
Jakarta kenapa selalu terlihat lembab ya di foto?

kayaknya memang Indonesia deng yang lembab .. saya moto di kampung juga keliatan lembab 😀

Jakarta is indeed attracting. Every inch of Jakarta has different aura, different possibilities to offer. From Old Batavia at the north to the Future Jakarta at the south.
Owh, LSA. I have never gone to the mall before :haha, yet I call myself a truly Jakarta resident :hihi. It’s Karet Pedurenan, isn’t it, the suburb area caught in the picture?

Fotonya beneran ngejelasin keberagaman Jakarta.
Belum ngerasain tinggal di ibukota yang satu ini. Masih sukanya sesekali berkunjung 😀

My neighbourhood! I used to live in a Kost right behind Lotte but the owner of the kost decided to sell the land 4 years ago. I couldn’t blame him (and the people in the kampung behind Lotte) for selling their land for 30 millions per metre. Who doesn’t want to be rich?

iyesss Jakarta has thousand dreams for everyone…
tapi sedihnya suka banjir ama macetnya itu loh…

Iya Dan, kalo suami aku mgkn bisa cepet adaptasi krn dulu emang tinggal di sana kan. Nah tapi kayak aku…udah biasa tinggal di kota kecil yang ramai dan padatnya masih bisa ditolerir. Gak kebayang kalo tinggal di Jakarta, aku pasti jadi males ke mana-mana… 😀

Walaupun bukan orang Jakarta asli, tapi saya lahir dan besar di Jakarta! Jakarta is my hometown! Watashi no furusato. No matter what people said about Jakarta, I love this city!
Tapi sayang, suami saya ga mau diajak tinggal di Jakarta kalo nanti pulang ke Indonesia. Hiks. Ya udah deh, kami melipir ke Jogja ajaaa. 😀

Hahahaha. Try to enter inner ring toll road from kebon jeruk to Semanggi around 6.am. You will get skyscraper view in Jakarta skyline. Reminds me of New York’s view in Wall Street movie. Hihihi.

Same as me Dan, I also usually driving at 5.30 am, and at the time I must be on the road to activity to Jakarta. Because, live in the planet near Jakarta (call it: Bekasi), if you start go out home after 6 am, you will be parking together on the toll road 🙂 Yea, its Jakarta

Jakarta always makes me amazed by its modern view. On the other hand, we can see slums near the skyscrapers. I never stayed there, though (well, in fact, I could not imagine myself live in Jakarta).
Nice post, Mas Dani 🙂

I was born in Jakarta but raised in different parts of Indonesia. Now I call Jakarta home, it is overly populated, stressful, and time moves quickly, but I’m used to its rhythm and find myself bored once I’m in a much laid back city like Semarang (hubby’s hometown).
Btw… It was nice to meet you today in one of Jakarta’s little corners 🙂

It wasa very nice evening. Nice to meeting you too.. 🙂
After working in Jakarta for quite a while, I already get used to its pace and you know what, even Surabaya now is a laid back enough city. 😀

setujuuu semua ada di Jakarta
tapi sayang banyak org yg selalu nyalahi jakarta 🙁

Wuihihi your information about food is somehow true. Wherever I went to another province I always confused what to bring back home, and then came this magic words, “Di Jakarta juga ada.” 😀
Btw… Where do you live mas Dani? You reach the city in only 30 minutes?? Wow this is awesome. I remember when I lived in Tangerang. I always went to work at 5.30 and reached the city in 60 minutes if I was lucky 😀

Hehehehe. That was exactly what my friend said earlier today when when tried to decide what to eat.
I reached Jakarta in 30 mins I mean the outer most part of Jakarta. 😀

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