[EF#9] Meet-up is A Must

What is a meet-up to you? This post is about my meet up moments answering BEC week 9 challenge. Share your meet up moments. Enjoy!

A moment with loved ones
How many times do I meet another blogger? Many!
But not so many-many that I can’t count on them by my fingers already. Haha.
I love meeting up my fellow bloggers. As long as the time and venue are reachable, most probably I will say yes to a meetup invitation. It is always energy recharging experiences.
I blog since 2007 in various platforms. This WordPress blog is my first ever blog I registered but not until 2011 I actively put my thoughts in it. I used Facebook note, Multiply, Blog Detik and Tumblr. I forgot when, where and with whom was my first meetup.
I usually write down any meet-up here. From searching result, my first WordPress blog meet-up was with Amel back in November 2012. Then I met a blogger that is my neighbour, I came to various malls and restaurant and even I went to Bandung and came to one of very famous blogger for a meet-up.
Nervous is something that I have to bear every time I’m about to meet my blogger friends. Thinking what I’m going to talk with him/her, what if I turn out a boring person and thousand of other what ifs. Taking a deep breath and just step into the venue always work for me. Just ignore all the uncomfortable feeling and the likes.
With bloggers, I seemed never to run out of things to talk about. Though I never knew him/her before, but it always effortless to ask questions and tell stories as if we were old friends that met again after a long time. Or maybe we are? We read each other’s stories though.
My most recent meet-up and the biggest one to date was last week’s BEC meet-up. I met more than 20 bloggers at a time! Can you imagine that? Nah, I won’t tell you about it again as you may already read about it many times from here and there. 😀
Does it do any good for me? The meet-up? As I can surely say it does. A meet-up boosts my energy in blogging as I can meet in person wonderful people with their amazing thinking. It shows me that this is not a lonely world and I get to know real people. Hopefully at last I can befriend them. Well, a lot more than that actually. But you know what I mean right?
So what about you? How is your meetup moment(s)?
Below is my last 10 meet-up list written in this blog not including BEC meet-up:
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PS: Picture above is not from a blogger meet-up 😛
This post to answer Blog English Club week 9 challenge: Share your meet-up moments!

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seru emang kalo kopdar ya. kita cuma beberapa kali doang lah meet up. paling seru ya pas pulang indo th 2009 lalu. rame… gak inget berapa orang blogger nya, ada kali 20-30-an. rame banget. hahaha.

Ah, I only met Mr. Ade Limaunipes, so this far I just have one as my count in that kopdar thing :hehe :peace. Looking forward to meeting other bloggers, as I could learn much about this world. :)).
Yes, meeting bloggers are surely precious experience. We could share anything from books to chit-chats, from photos to postcards, but one thing for sure that from those kopdars, we could get others’ positivity. A thing that is very needed in todays life.

Kopdaran mah selalu membawa kesan sendiri…tp yang pasti bikin bahagiaaa…sayang sekali, waktu teteh pulang kemaren, belum banyak yang kenal dan akrab.. Jadi pengen ketemuan lagi untuk kesekian kali, awal2 khan agak-agak kagok dikit, kalau sekarang mah, pas ketemu bakalan berisiiik hahaha
Mudah2an bisa ketemuan sama sahabat-sahabat WP 🙂

Jadi pengen kopdaran sama teman-teman WP nih…hehehe…sedekat eh sejauh ini teteh mulai merasa dekat dengan sahabat2 disini…:)
teteh orangnya senang bercanda, kadang rada2 khawatir juga kalau ada yg rada memandang aneh gitu….kebawa2 saat di MP dulu soalnya heheh
atau malahan SKSD..?? aahh biarlaaah…:D

Aaak… Aku belum postiiiing…. padahal jd volunteer. masi on progress gapapa yaak xD.
Aku ketemu Dani pas di Mie Aceh Buzz doang tapi dulu belom tau banyak isi blognya waktu itu. Hahahaha… skrg mah sering jd silent reader gue. uhuyy.

feeling nervous and various what-ifs was the feeling I had when I met my pen-pal for the first time back in 2005 or 2006 ( I forgot ). she was prettier than I had thought. unfortunately and the most embarassing thing was I DIDN’T bring anything for her and then she treated me some meal! what a big-big regret!

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