Exciting Things About Blogging

A very late post for the English Friday Challenge #32 that asked its readers to share what are exciting things that they are currently doing. Well, as cliché as it can be, my choice is Blogging *booooo! No really, there are so many exciting things about blogging that I’m currently is experiencing.

Note the form of tense I use. Present continuous form. Yep, I’m still having the experience.

As you may notice and already read, I changed the permalink of this blog to not include year and month anymore in the address of the post, and that only provides me the opportunity to learn about so many things. What are they? Well, I will write it down in a list and maybe you won’t find it exciting at all. 😛

What are those exciting things about blogging that currently I’m having?

Changing permalink forced me to open cPanel and edit my blog’s .htaccess file

Yeah, this is a very technical thing about blogging, for all this time I only knew wp-admin dashboad. Create a post and just voila! I pretty much just enjoyed the show. After changing permalinks I was faced with hundreds of broken links. Especially from where post I shared on my social media.

But then I found a solution but I have to access the .htaccess file. So I have to open my cPanel. The ugly folder behind my blog. Hahaha. It is a very simple thing actually, but with all those code I have forgotten for all this years. X-D

I think not very far in the future I will find myself over there again.

A Post A Week


This one is new for me as well. Beside this post, the entire week I only posted one post which I shared the link earlier. It is something new that is not actually brand new though. Hahaha.

I’ve been in a post a day streak for months before I decided to change my permalinks. And I was addicted to the traffic. It reached more than a thousand views a day and it was pretty much and achievement for me. But then I want to test out something. If I stopped post daily, how much is my traffic?

So I waited and surprised by the traffi generated without even post anything. Well it is belo a thousand views but it is still above my traffic when I decided to move to a self hosted blog. Pretty much an achievement. And that was without promoting to any social media.

It was surely a very nice expreiment and experience! 😛

Spent more than half of Google fetch quota

Changing permalinks means also that Google indexing doesn’t work anymore for my new permalink structure. Thus, there are so many error 404 in my Google Webmaster. Fixing this, I need to resubmit my posts with the new permalink address so that Google can index it as soon as possible.

Read this getting to know Google Webmaster post in Indonesian if you want to know what is the importance doing this.

By fetching as google one by one meaning that I will use the quota Google provides. They provides crawl our post option maximum for 500 submissions a month and I have used half of them! And that is only for my post back to August 2015! Gosh!  Now I need to hold myself from fetching further of my old posts since I’m planning with my (well… almost) daily post this December!

Huhuhu… My older posts should wait until next year then 😀


So those are the exciting things about blogging that I’m currently experiencing, aren’t they? 😀

If you have anything in mind, let me know. Leave a comment or just say hi on my twitter account @danirachmat. 😀

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