Happy Chapters

I’ll use english.

It’s been five days since I was given the challenge. Already exceed the time limit. :'(

The challenge is write down the happy chapters (or is it the happiest chapter?) in my life. Whatever it is I’ll write my happy chapters.

When I was a little, what I can extracted from deep lies within memory is that I’m pretty much a happy child. Abundant love from both my parents? Checked, enough room to grow and play? Checked, what else? :D. My father told me stories during my bedtime, stories about good and evil, kancil the naughty boy (yes I use kancil – well known fable told for kids in Indonesia so that they will not be a naughty kids but apparently this story that encourage them to. :D) and many others folklore. He is a great storyteller to me.

Beside the stories, I remember every now and then he came home with coloring book in his hand one day and Ibu Kasur’s children song collection cassette the other day. My mother asked me about what I had studied in schools and simple things like that. I can even recall the dark night that was shone with full moon’s light where we all gathered in front of our small house since there was a blackout. :D. That’s kind of childhood I had.

The other chapter is my academic chapter. I wasn’t always the brightest among my friend. I got 3 for math many times and I couldn’t even understand the logic of spinning wheel in physics. But there were times where I made good grades, being number 1 in class and got all those kind of attention and known as smart one. I do love attention. Up until now and back then the thrilling of a competition was one of the thing that kept me coming to school. But most of the time, I wanted to make my parents proud so that they could tell to our neighbors that their hard work raising their children was not for nothing. Haha. What a big talk I know.

Move on to the next. My adult life was started when I was graduated. Started to feel real work experience. I was so happy when I got accepted working in the company where I am working right now. It is a well known bank here in Indonesia. Oh cut it. Won’t talk about it here. 😀 I met some of my best friends here. I learn a lot and still am learning. And working here leads me in finding my missing piece. A piece of puzzle that many poets said will complete life.
Next chapter, full of anticipation getting through. Happy feeling filled the first pages of it and surely for many to come. I was introduced to her. Didn’t expect anything at first. Casually befriend we talked about many things though I’m not good at talking. One thing led to another. Without planned it before, I was entering the love life chapter. Hahaha. love life. Chapter that I never thought before I will have. Someone like me. It has been a very beautiful chapter that is written with script-face font in a perfumed paper. I don’t know, I can’t say no more at the moment. 😀

Maybe I’m too exaggerating in writing this but those are my happy chapters in life. 😀

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