How Long Do You Think You Could Go Without a Shower?

Interesting question and the answer is depend on when you ask it. Is it earling  morning or  evening the question is asked?


If I’m asked in the morning and lets just assume I don’t have to go to work that day, I’ll just say 6 hours top! I will enjoy myself slothing in my bed while listening to Norah Jones or anyhting on CD player. But after six hours I will definitely feel itch all over my body and there I’ll jump right away into showers. But usually, when I got up in the morning, I’ll take my shower right away.

What if I’m asked in the  evening, lets say around 6 or 7 and I already had my last shower earlier that day, in the morning for instance, the answer is 3 hours top, Plus 5 or 6 hours earlier it is 9 in total.

So, I can’t stand not having shower in a long time. I’ll get itch, smelly and my skin will not glow (yeaaah riiteeee!!!) (~~.)?

For me, taking a bath is a luxurious moment. I will enjoy it as much as I read a good book. I can stand being in the shower more than half an hour. Just feels so good having water grains falling all over my skin. Warm water heated with solar cells heater is a plus. I enjoy cold showers in a hot sunny day and hot showers in a cold rainy night.

Do I preserve water? I’ll try my best to remember. (.)!

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