I Told My Boss I Was Overpaid

‘Sir, can we talk?’

One lunch time when I had my lunch duty turn. My boss apparently already had his lunch already.

In japanese bank, the bank where I work now particularly, during lunch time there should be one person stay and have lunch later than the other member of the team. He/she suppose to handle all the incoming call along the break. This what we call ‘Lunch Duty’.

‘Yes Dan, sure’ My boss replied and led me to a meeting room. ‘How is it?’ He asked me then.

‘Well, sir, I’m thinking that I’m overpaid. You pay me too much’ was my first sentence.

A small gesture of shocked he showed then thanks to his experience a smile beamed and with the nicest voice tone he said ‘No Dan. It’s just not the timing yet. Just wait a lil’ longer’.

‘Well sir, it is ok for me to go home a lil’ bit late as long as there’s something that I’m working on’ was my almost no-thinking response.

‘It’s Ok. You have yourself new family and expecting your first child, just enjoy the moment. We’ll go there when its time already. Just enjoy’. He wrapped up our conversation.

Things that I learned from myself, I was always complaining about too many things to do. I thought that a job with nothing to do will be super fun, turned out to be just as stressful as it is with the first condition and maybe even worse since I can’t feel good about myself. So just bring it on. Put them on my plate.

And one thing for sure. Speak up my mind is liberating. Never ever again hold back. What people think about me is none of my business.


7 tanggapan untuk “I Told My Boss I Was Overpaid”

overpaid and nothig to do memang stressfull tp lebih baik drpd underpaid and so much to do.
right? hehehe

Daripada salah komen, posting ini saya baca aja deh…minus ninggalin komen 😉
gagap bahasa inggris parah

Just shut up and use the money Dan…hihihi…
sayah memang matre…terutama kalo akhir bulan beginih

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