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Making Money from a Blog

Have you start your own blog? You can start making money from a blog. It is fun to blog and interact with other blog writers. Through blogging, you can start writing your thoughts about the things that you love and yet you will probably can get paid. So why don’t you start now?

I’ve been blogging since 2007 (well, if registering my name in WordPress and made a few posts is considered as part of blogging) and I learned so many things ever since. One thing that I learned is making money from a blog.

Not until late 2009 or early 2010 I wrote again in this danirachmat.com (at that time danirachmat.wordpress.com). I blogged using Facebook Notes, Tumblr, Blogspot and local Indonesian blogging platform using WordPress engine called Blogdetik.  All of which I wrote absentmindedly that a blog can be read by other fellow netizens.

I knew no one. It was a lonely world until one day I started to comment on other’s blogs. The first few blogs I commented were hosted by Blogdetik which now even Feedly is unable to get any update from them.

Hugging Figures

It was and still is zillion times more fun when someone commenting on my blog posts, and I thought that was all. At least until one of online shopping mall contacted me and offered a shopping voucher worth IDR 100k. I was thrilled and super excited. It was back in 2011 the first time I received my first paid post and I spent the voucher on a brown-pencil-cut pants. I boasted around to my friends how I get this fashion items for free only by writing a 500 words post.

Going forwards, my blog readership grew up until today with 1000 views  a day on a single weekend which it was only around 300 to 400 views a year back. I received more and more paid post or sponsored post. Which most of them are coming from direct co-operation offers through email.

Starting mid to end last year or early this year, blog posts and its writer were getting more and more attention from product owners and big companies. More engagement acquired by a blog post with apparently way cheaper cost definitely a way to more efficient advertising. More and more blog community I know emerging to grasp the opportunity and many bloggers which previously only write about their kids started to write about cellphones and products I never heard of.

At some points it is a very good news as long as they can be creative in writing their content and honestly speak their voices towards the product they are trying. Well, I don’t deny that I fell once in a while in a “no-matter-what-I-write-as-long-as-you-pay-me”. However, I became more and more aware that if I posted too many paid posts, people will get tired of my blog. So I set these points for my paid post:

  1. -> I stated that my post is a paid post
  2. -> Default link in post should be nofollow link
  3. -> If it is a dofollow link, I should get paid more
  4. -> There’s a time limit for a dofollow link to appear in this blog
  5.  -> I create the content by myself. There’s no way I will use someone’s content in this blog

By doing so, I believe there’ll be less opportunity for me but however, making money from this blog is not the main purpose I blog in the first place. Other than that, I believe that many people deserve the same opportunity from blogging. So I started this new blog Mendadak WordPress so that people who would like to learn about blogging especially in WordPress can learn about it.
I purposedly hide my English posts from news feed (but for you who subscribed email update will still get the update, thanks to Ryan so that I know about it) but hopefully for you who read this can get any benefit from it. And by the way, this post is also fall under finance. 😀
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