Pay it Forward

It is already oh-so old movie and guess that people already forget about this movie. But I just watched it couple of days ago.

I knew the term ‘Pay It Forward’ from the Oprah Show years back when Oprah talked about the movie and she participated in the movement. Ever since I kept thinking that Pay It Forward was based on true story until I watched the movie and googled about it later and turns out that movie was made based on a book.

The characters in this movie were well played by the actors in it. Kevin Spacey convincingly played an inspiring teacher that seems perfect but have so many imperfection lies under the surface. Haley Joel Osment made me see life from the eye of 7th grader that has a wonderful dream of life and faith in goodness in every man while Helen Hunt played his imperfect mother.

The main idea about changing this world by doing simple things really got me. Do a favor for three people, it should be big enough so that it is a life changing favor for the person who get the favor and those three people should also pass the favor (pay it forward)to other three people for every one and see what will happen..

The idea was so simple and it is very possible to do. Big favor that should be life changing not always something that require big sum of money or something like that. The point is lets just touch people right in their heart and believe to goodness in every man. Good idea though its kind of dream about creating utopia, a perfect world, in the world full of imperfection.

I like this movie. When i watched this I remember about Life is Beautiful movie. It was also a very beautiful movie. I wept when I watched it. But for ‘Pay it Forward’, the ending is not as much as I expected to be. It felt like the ending was forced to be as dramatic as possible and as beautiful as it can be. I don’t know, I guess that a regular wonderful ending  should be sufficient.

Well 4 out of 5 stars if only I had the stars.. 😛

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