Simple Solutions

Look around, maybe the solutions that you are looking for is lying around unnoticed. I just found a solution for a sidebar in my blog which I tried to do everything but found none before. It was so simple yet I failed to see it in the beginning.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to look too far to find a solutions for a problem or two.

Not that I’m going to talk about blogging thingy, but this post is related to a problem I face in blog. It’s all about my right sidebar. If you read this, most probably you will see contact info, latest and popular post and so on and so forth. But that was not the case when you search a keyword from this blog, in the search result, you will only see a blank sidebar with one slider.

I tried so many things before.

My Theme

This Aegaeus theme which I currently use came with so many pages on its package, including images and other things. I was overwhelmed. If using the theme for a company website or other professional web site, this theme comes with a great utility and design. But then I only want a simple yet classy design for a personal blog.

Back to the sidebar, I set the default to my own sidebar and everything, but it always shows default sidebar that the theme has every time I tried to search a keyword or open a category.

I was frustrated.

I edited each one of the pages that came with the theme but nothing seemed to work. Until I changed the way I look at the problem. If I couldn’t find which page that the theme was using to show search result and has default sidebar and edited it, why didn’t I edit the sidebar instead? Every single page that I didn’t set to use my own sidebar was automatically use default sidebar. So I edited the default to have the exact same content with my own sidebar. In fact maybe I don’t even need to create my own sidebar in the first place.

I was so focused to use my own sidebar and try to solve the problem on the very end of the road. Editing every single page that had the possibility to be shown as search result while the solutions for my problem is editing the default sidebar and use it from the very beginning.

Most of the time, I look too far and complicated things. I forget that simple solutions is always there to use. I don’t need to chat with the customer service for hours while I only need to send them email. I don’t need to buy new decorations for a messy room while I only need to sort out the things that looks messy.

Note to my future self, look around, look from different angles and have fun. Don’t complicate things. 😀

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