Slipped Tongue

I had a tongue-slipped earlier today!

It was hilarious! Turned my face red and sweat dropped all over my forehead.

All morning I didn’t even have the slightest clue why all so sudden I was thinking about my previous company where I recently quit. It all started from when I went to my office. I was running late, around 7.30 am I managed to get out from my place. I had a heavy traffic. Only 5 minutes left when I got there. I thought how different it is, when I worked there, I had to go maximum7.00 am while in here I can have another 30 minutes. This was first time the idea of my old office came in my mind.

Then I entered the elevator that brought me to 23rd floor. My current office. Until 3 weeks I’m working here, I never get used to the sound that is played inside the elevators in this building. A conversation between man and woman where one of them keeps complaining about fuel price and stuff and the other one is giving solution using bank products that owns the building where my office located. It is awful for me. So not classy, at least not as classy as my previous employer. Biggest bank in Indonesia. Well, I still can sing the background music played in the elevators over there.

During the day, while trying to finish stuff and get rid off the pile of documents in my desk, my friends kept come and go in my mind. Having no one that I know well yet in this office kinda brought my mind wander far enough to 1st floor of Gatot Subroto Street Lot 36-38. One of my colleague there called me all so sudden asked something about my old customer, even one of my old customer called me asking something. He didn’t know that I’ve already resigned. My bad though. I never let my customers know that I resigned. 😛

Those things keep played in my mind, while typing something in my screen, my phone rang.

“Mandiri Dani…” spontaneously slipped through my tongue.

Whuuppsss!! i realized it right away. Lucky me, the one who called was someone that I already knew. Someone from my department let me know that I got a phone call from Singapore.

Surprised faces followed with full-power laughter burst out from people around me. Nervously I tried to concentrate to my phone call. Sweat all over my forehead.



Never thought that these kind of things will ever happen to me. I kinda miss it. Miss that company. Not that I regret it I resigned, but hey, I worked there for almost 5 years. I learned so many things there. I befriended with some of my best friends there. I cried and laughed, hated and loved, worked and played and did so many things over there.

One of my friend said that that company is like his first love, maybe it is to me. I’m lucky to ever worked there. It has a good standard for some parts. I admit it..

I’ll remember to love
You taught me how
–Utada Hikaru, First Love

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