[EF#7] I Present to You: Jakarta!

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, has so many to offer. The picture represents this. Contrast dense residential area side by side with luxurious shopping malls and office buildings. I present to you the small fragment of the city! 🙂

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EF#3 How Gadgets Affect My Life

This week’s challenge from English Friday: How Gadget Affects Our Life is quite tough even though I can say that I can barely separate gadgets from my daily life. How should I write the post, from which angle and how far the extent of the discussion are things swarming inside my head. But a challenge is […]

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Blog English Club

Good morning! How are you my blogger friends? Been a while since the last time I did english post. Last year couple of blogger friends came up with a very interesting idea, Mas Ryan, Nita and me then discussed about forming a Blog English Club. Mas Ryan posted about that in this BEC titled post. We […]

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