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My Favorite Writers (Up Until Today)

Yay! Finally, BEC got this Indonesian writer topic as a challenge. Latest published challenge was the result of a poll on now active Facebook Page. It is about Indonesian writers that you like the most. My earliest recollection of reading is back to my elementary school years. I was always so curious in the beginning […]

Buku Review

The Post American World Release 2.0: Melihat Dunia Baru

The Post American World adalah sebuah buku yang memberikan insight bagaimana perkembangan kehidupan internasional saat ini.


Trave(LOVE)ing – Traveling with Move On Mission

I put my clothes in the bag, it’s time for me to pack No, this time I wont beg, for you to come back @dendiriandi Quote di atas adalah rhyme pertama yang ngebuka buku yang mau gw bahas ini. Yup, ini bakalan jadi review buku yang judulnya Trave(love)ing. Gw dapet buku ini dari salah satu […]

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