Three Awards at a Time

At first I was overwhelmed, I got three awards at a time.

Mba Della the owner of campanulladellaanna nominated me for three awards. What a sweet surprise from her.She runs a lovely and beautiful blog with many insightful pictures. I love to follow her interpretation of DailyPost’s Weekly Photo Challenge and Travel Theme, not to mention her other beautifully written posts.

She nominated me not only for one, but three awards all together. Those three awards are:

  1. Supersweet Blogging Award
  2. One Lovely Blog Award and
  3. Beautiful Blogger Award

She mentioned me in her post blogging award nominations you can get it Many thanks to you Mba Della 🙂

Well, I’ve posted My One Lovely Blog Award previously. You can check it, I wrote several things about me over there. For the other two awards are as follow:


Many thanks again Mba Della for the awards. If I have to pass through the three awards, they’re will be YOU!. Yes you who are reading this post and have blogs..  🙂

You are sweet and beautiful thus you are lovely. 🙂

PS: Ain’t I sweet as sweet as those cupcakes? 😛



  1. Ely Meyer
  2. ndutyke
  3. awan

Psst... Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen. ;)

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