Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I know it may be kinda late to join the challenge but below is my gallery for Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

The gallery consist of picture of a butterfly resting in a grass early in the morning where the earth still wet with morning dew. Then I have silhouette of a tall building right in front of my office, i took the picture one evening when O was getting home, the sky was beautiful. Then I also have a picture of a pond in the middle of a park, it was a very bright morning only at 8.

Hope you enjoy.

For my Bahasa Indonesia reader:
Udah ikutan bagi-bagi buku dan beberapa barang lainnya? Kalo belom, yuk ikutan yuk. Hehehehe. Cukup tinggalin komen di postingan Bagi-Bagi Buku (dan Barang Lainnya) yuk!



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    April 12, 2013
  2. Mas Alifianto
  3. Awan
  4. Esti Sulistyawan
  5. Evi
  6. duniaely

Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen! #Eh?! ;-P

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