Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself


For this week’s challenge: Express Yourself, I use this our we-fie picture. I know most of you must be surprised finding (my) our (quite large) picture here, but here it is. I uploaded the picture taken with my cellphone.

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Past 4.00 pm and we (me and my wife) were trying hard to get our son to take a bath, which only succeeded an hour and a half later. Included in our almost failed attempt was a short photo session. One of the pictures snapped is this one.

Just ignore my round belly and this picture is just perfect. Love it very much. This is my way to express myself. How’s yours?

For other submission answering the challenge, please visit Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself page.



  1. bemzkyyeye
  2. Dwi Puspita
  3. Ira
  4. Gara
  5. Pungky KD

Psst... Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen. ;)

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