Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

I’m addicted already.

Joining WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge, this week it has “Movement” as the theme, I post these three picturesย I took in Singapore during my 3 days training. The pictures were taken during my walking session after office hour from around Robinson street area to near Singapore’s City Hall area. Here they are.

Going Home

One man going stood still waiting for bus that will take him home, while around him people walked fast paced just as like any other Singaporean. I posted this fast paced walking people in Singapore here.

Speeding Car

It was a taxi if I’m not mistaken. While other cars slowly started to move, this taxi took full speed right after red light turned green.

Green Light

The last picture was taken in a corner where there’s a traffic light. The light just turned green for about 5 seconds and on the initially empty road, there was a car speeding so that my camera couldn’t capture it but only it’s lights.



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