Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Disclaimer: It’s all about selfie


Seems that Cheri really understands me (kidding) by making selfie as this week theme for the weekly photo challenge. Hahaha. Don’t even remember how many times I uploaded my selfie pictures here and hopefully you won’t get bored yet with my face. Haha.

(I know that I supposed to post more artistic pictures with more artsy element, but however I post selfie as the challenge theme)


Office Selfie

I love the ceiling of my previous office. My old office is very spacious. I used to look at the ceiling when I got bored and imagine far away places. Often times around 8 to 9 pm.

On a Date

It was another weekend evening, me and Bul went to nearby mall. We found that big mirror everywhere and just snapped! Our selfie.

To Buy or Not To Buy

I used to take picture when I try shirts or pants that I’m going to buy. But now, since I have Bul, I just need to put them on and ask her. She has the eyes. 🙂

Once Upon a Time in Surabaya

It was taken in Sampoerna showcase store in Surabaya. I visited the venue with my bestfriends from college. We learnt a lot about smoke and we had fun.


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