Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

One of my fellow blogger friends calls this kind of post as a silent post. After so many weeks not joining Weekly Photo Challenge, this post is my interpretation of this week challenge theme: surprise.

Morning Sunshine

First picture was taken from 2nd floor of Taman Safari Inn when we visited Bogor couple of weeks ago. It was around 6 am in the morning when we were going to have our early breakfast. The mountain view with its mist running down from its peak kinda surprise me and Bul.

Morning Rainbow

Second one was taken when I drove Bul one morning to the pick up point where she will go to her office by her office shuttle. It was the view from behind a hospital nearby. Quite a surprise to find a rainbow without any rain before.


The last picture is Aaqil on his 7 monthlyversary. Me and Bul were surprised to see he had two small cute teeth already. Our baby boy is definitely bigger now.


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