What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

Another idea from dailypost, What would you tell yourself 10 years ago if you are given 5 minutes to do so? I admit I’m not so good at finding topic to post (I do envy Dian Retno with her wonderful posts in “Too Loud A Solitude”).

10 years ago, I was in my last year of Senior High School. So young and full of dreams. Got quite good grades and totally clueless about what would I gonna do with my life. Idealistic and becoming something someday thoughts filled my head. I do really wish there was someone to tell me what should I do.

Wham! Present-me go through time and space to 18-years-old-me. He sure would be amazed, puzzled and looked up on present-me. He must be wondering how, in only ten years he-me-himself, working in a -later known as biggest (from the size of asset)-  bank in Indonesia as a corporate banker. Having good looking appearance (Bahaa!! my blog, my face, my opinion!) and look a lot better than him, 18-years-old-me. Present-me would say a lot of things to encourage 18-years-old-me, told him that he could be whatever he wanted and many other that kind of things for almost 3 or 3.5 minutes (Present-me only have 5 minutes).

Next 20 seconds present-me would pause his (my) speech and said “wait-wait..  That was all I’m saying is true but all I want you to do for yourself and definitely for me is follow your passion. Follow whatever your heart tells you. I like numbers and I like arts, the f**ck whatever people say about taking highest ranked department in university in UMPTN, take mathematics, finance, management or arts department.”

I, present-me, took a deep breath and continue “You’ll have wonderful 4 or 5 years ahead though I know if you take that one that I took you’ll be fine and get good grades, make wonderful friends and meet your long life best friends, but you won’t get the meaning, you won’t catch your passion in it. You’ll just do it for the sake of grades and you’ll face another puzzled phase when you have to decide where you want to go after college.”

“I like my life now, I met a girl that I love so much and it’s been wonderful years I had. But I always think what if I did differently? What if I decided to take that Design Department instead of Informatics. I’m a tech-aware person, and it do me great. I wouldn’t change anything in my life. I had mine, but you, 18-years-old-me, still have so many chances lies ahead. Use it, live your passion and do great!”

Zzzaap!! present-me vanished and 18-years-old-me would be jaw-dropped-puzzled.

PS : Now present-me or just simply me, wondering what will my 10-years-in-the-future-me tell me?

[ Ookina noppo no furudokei | Ojiisan no tokei ]
[ Hyakunen itsumo ugoite ita | Gojiman no tokei sa ]
[ Ojiisan no umareta asa ni | Katte kita tokei sa ]
[ Ima wa mou ugokanai sono tokei ]
—- Ken’s Bar – Ookina Furudokei (Grandfather’s Clock)

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I know. But please.. spare me… I was excluding actual timeline for the sake of my.. aaarggghhh!! nevermind.. :D… (^__^)

Though I was in the middle of SYS, guess that it was not too late to switch. 😛
Present-me never regret things in the past, but if the 18-years-old-me could do differently, those that I really want to tell him.

I would tell my 19-me… GET YOURSELF MORE BOYFRIENDS… hahaha.. so you wouldnt be as dumb as I am now… hihihihi… it’s shallow.. but worth saying..:)

Worth saying An. But I won’t say that since I love having no boyfriend at all 😛 Haha!

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