Why Did I Resign

It’s been four days since I officially no longer an employee of one of the biggest state owned bank in Indonesia.

Looking back around 6 years ago. Somewhere in November, I recall, one Jakarta phone number called me. Excited and full of anticipation I answered the call that told me I made it through to big 30 of batch 24 Officer Development Program of this very bank that later I worked for full 4 years. I still can revive the joy and excitement caused by that one call. Me, made it to be employed by one big bank in this country, looked so amazing.

A year and one a half month I was trained to be the chosen ones that will fill fast track career path with my others 29 crazy friends, or so we were told to. Learnt from a to z about this bank. Got to know so many important people there. Learn the ways how should a banker act and behave. Long story short, we were ready to be assigned anywhere and me, personally, was very proud to be one of its employee.

I spent my first two years and two months in Lampung. A very beautiful place with so many interesting things in there. I learnt life and friendships, managing team and maintaining customers. I practised my knowledge from my training there. I met good people there. People that I proudly name them as my second family and made Lampung as my beloved second home. Until I was reassigned to Jakarta. Head Office. A call that might be a one of a lifetime call worth to wait for  an employee ex-odp like me. But sadly from the very moment, my proud working in this company started to fade away.

Not that before I got transfered I never complained about job and boss, but who doesn’t? I don’t know. In this new place, everything that I do seemed never good enough, never important enough, and I was always too young, too inexperienced and too sloppy. It’s getting harder and harder by the day. I didn’t mind the load and pile of paper that I have to deal with everyday. I didn’t really mind the long working hour that I had to bear (but actually I did mind, but I don’t know). Even I didn’t mind to work on Saturday sometimes. What then?

The fact that I was not considered good enough, way too inexperienced and still too young to handle such a big, great and well respected customers that the company has. They didn’t let me even to do a phone call to the customers only to ask something that is so minuscule, just because I’m too young. I never be thanked for what I did, I mean sincere thank with smile. Paperwork I made had to be revised until the 10th or 11th draft since I didn’t use one particular word. And most of all was the tone that was used to talk to me.

I hung for another 2 years and one month in this bank. Having two or three years in this biggest bank handling big corporate customers will do good for my cv while I can learn so many things there. Along the way I did search for new job. I was interviewed here and there. I tried for a scholarship, working abroad and so many others. But I still had no guts to write my resignation letter. Not until then I realised I started to change. I no longer care of anything, not even for my self. I started to use the same tone voice that I hate the most to others. That was  not good for me, I thought.

Then I resigned! Voila. Just when I really meant to do something, the whole universe was like start to conspire to help me. My interview process was so simple and straight to the point. Then I resigned! Just that.

Money? Yes that is a reason. A very important one. I don’t want to be a hypocrite.  If the money is not quite better in sum, I wouldn’t resign. But that is not the main reason for me. Simply just because I wasn’t considered human enough. ‘Nguwongke wong’. Treat human as a human. That what I was asking for.

I resigned and as per 26 May 2011 I no longer the employee of that bank.

Dani Rachmat Kurniawan
Formerly proud employee of biggest bank in Indonesia
registered with employee ID number 0582286845

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Isine nang njerone post e kabeh Cik soal alesan kenopone.. Skr kerja di bank asing. hehehe.. 😛

Big applause for you for hold on for 6 years in that company. I was only able to stay for a year before gave up and realised I could be better and fulfill my potensial in other place.
Wish you (and I) a better and happier workplace that could make working feel like a holiday.

Cheers from a fellow BM resigner! 😉

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