Writing 101 : 20 Minutes Session Just to Write

This is my first post to answer Writing101 prompt. A bit late but better late than never right? 😀
The first challenge is to write anything for a 20 minutes period of time. So let’s see what I write for a 20 minutes of free writing! 😀

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This is my first post of my Writing 101.
I don’t know what was I thinking when filling out the participation form. Well, maybe I only want to improve my writing skill. Haven’t I got enough things on my plate? Well, of course, I have but it’s not me that won’t try something and get myself into trouble. Well, a rewarding trouble of course. Haha.
Almost 24 hours since I received the topic for this first day of writing 101, so pretty much I already failed the mission. In my defense, It was a pretty hectic day in the office and commuting time. I haven’t got the chance to make the 20 minutes needed for this challenge. Moreover, my kid is still sick. 🙁
Well, too many reasons and complaints in a post already! Okay then, let’s continue with writing anything that flashed in my head.
For all this time I blog, I only write in English every Saturday to fulfill Blog English Club  challenge published in English Friday blog. I think it is very limited if I really want to improve my English writing skill. Of course, I can write in English for my daily topics I want and for once I was thinking about turning this blog into a full English language blog, but I feel that it doesn’t suit this blog’s spirit. I still want to reach readers of this blog using my native language, Indonesian.
I love writing in Indonesian, it channels my emotion, thinking and whatever in my Mind perfectly. However, I also want to expand and connect with blogs from other countries as well, which definitely, I have to write in English. There was an option to write bilingual posts and I’ve tried several times. But I get bored easily, writing the same thing in two languages. They were too much effort for me, at least for now.
Lucky I found this Writing101 and hopefully I can join and submit my posts on time later on.
My 20 minutes is already up! Cheers!

17 tanggapan untuk “Writing 101 : 20 Minutes Session Just to Write”

Wow.. Kereeen mas dani… Aku pas tau ada BEC dr kapan tau pengen ikutan jg. Tapi tapi tapii.. terlalu banyak alasan
Btw gpp kan komennya pake bhs indonesia?
Btw (lagi) get well soo for A yaa mas.. Sedih yaa klo anak sakit. Aku aja ngeliat anak orang sakit pun ikut sedih.. 🙁 🙁

Amiiiiiin. Makasih doanya Miy.
Gapapa banget bales pake Bahasa Indonesia.
Ish,soal BEC ikutan aja sih Miy, ngeramein challengenya gitu. Yuks cuss.Hihihi..
*balesan komen gw sebelumnya gak masuk euy..

I want to improve my english writing skill too, but I was thinking too much to start a english blog. 🙁

Good luck for the assignments, Mas!
Btw, you sure write a lot in 20 minutes :hehe. Cool! :)).

Then, you also found your self be confused of use English or Indonesian and then wrote bilingually. Get well soon for your kids Sir!

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