You, Made It Through Month Two!

March, 1st 2011.

Alhamdulillaah I made it through the first two months this year. Though it’s only a mere 58 days, there were so many things happened! Several important keystones happened in this short period of time.

  1. My little sister was proposed by now-her-fiance. After so many years she was always my little sister, but that evening when her fiance’s family came to our house, realisation struck me. She will be no longer my little sister that need my protection. There’ll be a man that will always love her. Maybe I’m not the best big brother in the world. I still don’t know her favourite music but I will definitely kill for her – if necessary. 😛
  2. I proposed, by myself, a wonderful amazing girl to her parents. I came to her homy home, met two wonderful parents that raised a beautiful daughter that I want her to be my future wife. Never thougt before that I’m man enough to say something like “I love your daughter, Sir and Mam, now I’m asking your both pemission and blessing to marry her”. I’ve found my missing puzzle.
  3. I had my first (and hopefully the last) fight with Diah. One of person that I consider as my best friend. :P. It was all caused by my short tempered attitude where I never had good enough thinking and make decisions based only on my assumptions.
  4. In these months, I decided something that I should’ve done long time ago. I said no to my boss. Took control of what I was doing in office. I still had to stay in the office until 3 am last month for couple of times, but guess that everything will get better.    😉
  5. I had and accident. I posted this couple of days ago.

Following what my friend, Mariani, suggested, make a “no complaint” and “be grateful” week, I’ll make it month! 😉

I’m writing this on March 2, 1:23 am while trying to get some sleep. One more saying and should be everytime: Alhamdulillaah…

[Menghitung hari | detik demi detik]
[Masa kunanti apa kan ada]
[Jalan cerita | kisah yang panjang]
[Menghitung hari…]
—Krisdayanti – Menghitung Hari

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Justru make wordpress ini biar ga semakin keleleean. Baru ketemu lagi nih wordpressnya. Blogdetiknya sudah ditutup.
btw aku memang masih labil…. hehehehe. 😛

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