Don’t You Regret It?

“Don’t you regret, resigned from a big company?”

That question teases me. A question related to my decision resigning from my previous company. I’ve posted the reasons why I resigned. Along the way so many people asking why did I resign and just recently my dearest one asked my that question.

I get this image here

Did I regret it? I can answer for sure, well at least for now: Nope. I don’t. Maybe many of my friends also wondering about this. There are so many reasons that I can mention how good my previous work before. Here are some :

  • Indonesia biggest bank. Who doesn’t know this very bank? known for its very good service quality and 24 hours service, a good prestige you will get working in this bank.
  • Quite good money, well.. working in banking industry, for me that don’t really like working in IT, give me quite good salary though there are so many other job/industry that could give better but hey, I’m content. I can get what I need with the salary I get from this bank.
  • Learn a lot of things, this bank has a good training program. I learnt from a to z while my status was still a management trainee. Then from my various assignment I got so many lessons learnt.
  • Know so many people, I had to know so many people there. Customers, colleague and management from many companies in Indonesia. It is a good thing though.
  • Made good friends, truly, I met people that close enough I could call them “family”. I love them. Β And maybe many other good reasons that you could think of.
  • State owned company, working here? oh-so-heaven. Your position is saved as long as you already a permanent employee.

But the question is do i regret my decision? Considering the reasons I’ve posted and some more other reason I don’t. I thought and re-thought my decision before I handed my resignation letter. One of my consideration was, would I regret if this company changed and the system got a lot better and all the things that I hoped for before happened? The more I think of it the more I found better reasons and considerations to give the declaration. The reasons I’ve posted before are my angry reasons but if only for those reasons, it would be stupid for me.

Ok, I get paid better, If I didn’t why would I move then? right? But many my friends that got interviewed in my current company request better salary than what I got. Well, I don’t think about it, not as much as I thought I would if it ever happened before. What I can tell money is not everything.

  • I will learn new products here, products that I may never knew before.
  • I will interact with foreigner, yes, you can call me plebeian (is it correct word for kampungan? I gpt this from google translate), but really, I long for this opportunity. I can practice my english every single day this way. Well since I never had an english lesson before, this is the best way to learn english right? I can use it for my scholarship interview later on.. πŸ˜›
  • I can learn better way to work. Surely definitely I can say this. I’ve worked there couple of days and I know the way the system works already.
  • Maybe there will be opportunity for me to go abroad. Yep. Another plebeian thought.

Those things above that really run in my mind. Up until now, I still love working here. I know, It is still day 7 of my 90 days probation, but I’m ready to work my ass off to get myself better. Doing all the task that is assigned and do my best for my current job since they can let me go anytime. Sound so cliche? Well, that’s me.. πŸ˜€

I don’t regret it.

Probation day 7 – turned to 8 about an hour ago actually. πŸ™‚

by the way, Metro Malam in Metro TV at the moment airing the news about the decreasing number of prostitute in Surabaya until 70% compared to couple of years back. A good news eh?

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