[A’s Chitchat] Co-Piloting My Old Man

Spending nights with Ayah was not as much fun as with Bunda. She is now away out of town to do something great. Though I know and understand that already, but still, Ayah can never give me comfort as Bunda always can. But then morning comes. One of the moments I love to spend with Ayah. Co-piloting him. For him, it’s driving with toddler time 😀

Well, not co-piloting as you may imagine in an airplane. It’s just my old man driving his car and me sitting behind him. On a car seat that they always force me to. But then I find it enjoyable. Well, mostly if I’m not too thirsty and craving to be hugged by Bunda. Back to co-piloting Ayah. I love to do it in the morning. This morning was the second time only me and him having the adventure from home to my school.

You call it school the place than you can play with your friends right? I love school. There are so many toys there. Friends my age. Spacious place and delicious food.

Usually it is the three of us but as I told you earlier Bunda is doing something great for this week so it leaves only me and Ayah for this whole week. We always go through very big road with so many vehicle passing by. I get to see real life trucks, bus, cars in every shape and size and colors.

Oooh ooh.. Did I tell you that I love playing with cars? Most of my toys are cars and trucks and bus. I often see blue and red trucks. Ayah told me that trucks are painted those colors to make them easier to be seen from a far. Other than cars, I also love to see the sun rises in the morning.

The shops that are still closed and people start their activity in the morning. I can’t wait to be bigger so that I can have Ayah get me to school with those uniforms. But I don’t know now whether I will like uniform or not. As for Ayah, he always looks so serious and I don’t know what was in his mind. But he often talks to me while driving.

Co-Piloting Ayah

Sometimes he puts special rear view mirror only just to see me. He did that first time when we drive only the two of us. But today he forgot to put it on. Apparently he couldn’t find the mirror after I play with it. But he rather a clever old man. He used his cell phone’s camera that he usually uses for navigation or plays videos for me. He took a flash snap when I didn’t realize it. Its with Ayah serious face in it.

Ba ba! I will write again sometimes.



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  5. Januari 31, 2014

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