EF#3 How Gadgets Affect My Life

During Lunch Hour

This week’s challenge from English Friday: How Gadget Affects Our Life is quite tough even though I can say that I can barely separate gadgets from my daily life. How should I write the post, from which angle and how far the extent of the discussion are things swarming inside my head. But a challenge is a challenge. So, this is how gadgets affect my life.

Growing up in a middle-class working family, I didn’t have any experience with gadgets or whatsoever in which at that time was only purely gaming console. Not until my last year of college I got my hand on my very first cellular phone (here I wrote about my first ever cellular phone). Even though only as far as texting and made 3-seconds-phone-calls I thought I was invincible. 

Fast forward to my first smartphone which I spent a full year to pay, thanks to 0% Mandiri Credit Card’s installment plan 😀, a Sony Ericsson W810i with 2 MP back camera and ability to play hundred of songs stored just like a walkman. I recall snapped almost every spot I turned my head to while rocking my body slightly according to a music played and banged into my head through a super cool earpiece. I thought it was super awesome and if I may say it boosted my confidence. I forgot to mention that it was during 2006-2007, my management trainee year. The company I worked for trained me with other 29 candidates from well known Indonesia’s universities graduates and the smartphone helped me. Big time.

Then came internet era with so many social media offered and ease of information acquisition. I shone brightly in my professional life. Two years in a row, I managed to assist my branch manager achieving targets. Green scorecards allowed promotion reached me and landed me in Jakarta where the headquarter is. Oh, how could I be so forgetful, my phone also made me possible to contact my family lives miles away in Surabaya. There was regular evening calls to Ibuk (and sometimes Bapak)

Nowadays, with the internet and cell phones’ power hundreds of times compared to 7 years ago, gadget has transformed to inseparable part of my daily life. Maybe there are people that able to resist the presence of gadgets in their life, but I not me. When Jo challenged us to put away our gadget(s) for three days I yield right after seconds of the challenge announced.

I realize that gadgets tend to draw my attention (and people around me) away from what happens right in front of our eye. It sucks when my wife put more attention to lipstick color gradation than to me who is riding beside her or my kid didn’t respond to my question too busy to watch a movie on my laptop. So despite the enormous convenient I get from my gadget(s), I should put it away more whenever my beloved ones there.

Oh, maybe I’m taking too much time typing this post. See ya!


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