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It’s been a while since my last post. What was that again? My left arm fractured bone, right? It was month ago? Lost count on how many days since my last post.

Well, now my left arm is getting better every day. Last week my doctor said it is already 70% healed. I drive already. Only a bit pain sting when I lift it high enough over my shoulder. I can carry Aaqil already as well.

What about work? Well let’s say that so far so good. Been working in this current company for 3 weeks and now is the 4th week. Which one do I like more? Mizuho or this one? Well can’t say for sure since each has its own sides that I like or dislike.

Life? Well. There were so many things happened in the last couple of months. Then why didn’t I blog them? Hmm.. Its just me being lazy and wanted to have some time off from blog. Not to mention how difficult it was to type one handed. Words already evaporated from my head by the time my hand finished typing the word before.

Can only think of 190 words for now. Lets just try this way of blogging.

PS: Sorry that I still can’t go blogwalking and thanks to you who are still coming here all this time.

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  1. lho lho? Sampean kenek opo mas? Habis accident gtu kah? Too sorry to hear that. Segera pulih yah. Tahu banget gimana situasinya, like we have too.

  2. Alhamdulillah.. Semoga cepetan 100% pulih ya, Bang.. Amiiiin..
    Ngga papa libur ngeblog, kadang ada saatnya kok buat menikmati dunia nyata. Heheh..

  3. Get well soon Mas.. Udah lama nggak blogwalking, dapet beritanya begini.. Literally I do feel the same di bagian malas update blog hehe. Tetap semangat ya 😀

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