Lazy Sunday and Three Books

No, we didn’t go anywhere today. It was, in fact, a very lazy Sunday.

Woke up around 4 I got back to sleep after having Subuh prayer around 4.45. After that, I started to read Bulan or Moon by Tere Liye. A teenage adventure book, a sequel from the first book, Bumi or Earth. I just don’t want to make it a long read and finish it in about 3 hours, with a two hours and an hour sleep in between. Haha.

It was an entertaining book but didn’t provide much of surprise tho. Will write a review about it later on.

After that, I was inspired to finish a motivational book, Telor Ceplok or Sunny Side Egg in English by Obed Hitachi. Yeah, it was just like any other motivational book and you can find the content of the book as public wisdom already. Just can’t get enough of reading I read Happiness by @Arvanpra which the content was much or less the same.

So other than reading, sleeping (much of sleeping) I played with A and Bul. It was a lazy Sunday but no more. We will have our dinner at Aeon Mall. Hihi.. Anyone there? Hit me @danirachmat then!

Yeah, I really want to do this short post. 😀


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