I’m a (way too) sensitive man. Many people told me so.

I’m easily wept. I shed my tears when I lost someone (duh! who doesn’t?). Wedding ceremony will (certainly) break my defense against tears, more specifically when the groom shake his father in law’s hand and take the bride as his wife (in Moslem’s wedding) and the other way in another wedding and of course parting from my colleague in work when I have to move.

It is healthy thing crying right?

My latest tears was shed last week. In my last day working, I have to say goodbye to some good friends. I’m moving to another company. Well, for me parting from my friend is always grieving. I know that we will keep in touch, we will still be texting and catching up through soc-meds, but the prospect of not seing them as part of my daily life is sad. Parting from good people that make my life easier and happier in hard times is sad.

let me mention my friends here that I cried when parted with them:

  1. Ana, when she decided to move to Jakarta and fly away to pursue her dreams..
  2. My KMB friends, Mbah Dhanti, Okti, Dian, Puspa, Shanti, Marhamah where they helped me getting through hard years of college. Sweet memories they gave me.
  3. The crazies of ODP 24 who brought to me new way of how to see and enjoy life in a full year of training in Bank Mandiri.  They really are people in so many good qualities that I can learn from each of them.
  4. Bu Feriyana, a very special friend in Lampung, mother of two young cute boys, Raffa and Raihan. She helped me to learn how to deal with bosses, colleague in work and so many things in life. What I remember the most about her is that on December 31st, 2008, She stayed in the office until 11.00 pm just to listen to me while her husband waiting outside our office.
  5. Mariani Satyanagari. She really is someone special. She taught me everything I know about how to deal with MVP in the office. She literally made life in the office easier, fun and enjoyable. I remembered one day panicked when she had to take a leave permit.
  6. Diah Arliani. Well.. I won’t say a lot about her, since you know… err.. aarggghh (she’s behind me).. Kidding.. She is someone who you will feel connected right away when she’s around you, a very nice lady.
  7. Friends from Bumils, Mba Nia, Ncy, Relita, Jaja and Mas Ricky (finally I mentioned men)…
  8. Mbo Sul and Intan, my partners in crime. Hehehe..
and many other friends…
I guess that will keep tearing my tears…  I believe that tears is worth to be shed for my friends…

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