Things I Can’t Say No To

Half an hour before I reach Bandung, wondering about what are things that I can’t say no to.


I can’t say no to pecel, the kind of East Java Pecel. Various kind of well cooked vegetables with spicy peanut sauce. Moreover if there is kembang turiĀ (Sesbania Grandiflora) in it. Yummy! For me there’s nothing in this world that taste better than East Java Pecel.


I looove water. Plain clean fresh water. I can’t resist it. My thirstĀ from fresh water seems never fade away. Fresh water is the most essetial element in my days (how do say lebay in english?). If there are people start their day with a cup of coffee, I’ll start mine with a glass of water.

While i’m home

What I can’t resist when I’m in my room is my lovely computer and it’s internet connection. Feel like I’m flying around the vast world. I can stay there for hours. Doing many things from blogwalking to graphic designing. Feel like I’m living another life.

While in the office

My boss’ request/order. period.

Can’t think of anything else for now. Almost arrive at our Customer’s office.

Bandung, March 2, 2011
a very bright and sunny day

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