Things to Do Together

From our chat, she suggested these activities for us to do :

  1. Cooking Class
  2. Music Concert
  3. Offroad-ing
  4. Gardening
  5. Rafting
  6. Ice skating (planning on to do many more sessions!!)
  7. Charity (Continuously)
  8. Photography (we’re doing it. we both love capturing moments)
  9. Bowling
  10. Diving
  11. Camping
  12. Visiting Zoo
  13. Bungee Jumping (gonna be no no for me)
  14. Picnic (found one possible location)
  15. Music Class
  16. Painting
  17. Visiting Beauty Shop (nyalon dah ah)
  18. Foreign Language Class (it would be French!)
  19. Yoga/Pilates
  20. Bubble Bath (errr…!!!)
  21. House Re-Decorating
  22. Fixing Puzzle
  23. Car Washing (already bought one)
  24. Outbound
  25. Go to a Circus Show
  26. Hiking (definitely gonna do this with Aaqil)
  27. Jogging/Gym
  28. Go-kart
  29. Go green
  30. Horse riding
  31. Travelling ala Backpacker
  32. Cycling
  33. Water Sport
  34. Handicraft Making (done this and will be having a lot more ahead)
  35. Room Painting
  36. Road trip (with motorcycle, is it included?)
  37. Paragliding
  38. Fishing
  39. Golf
  40. Martial Arts Class
  41. Skateboarding
  42. Surfing
  43. Morning Gymnastic
  44. Playstation (atau mesin game lain yang bagus)
  45. Spa
  46. Sailing
  47. baby spa (gonna be soon)
  48. visiting zoo
  49. travelling
  50. baby bubble bath
  51. Holiday trip every year

Things that are not in the list (that we have done) :

  • Karaoke
  • Monopoly game in-park
  • Breakfast
  • Through the storm


  1. haikal
  2. whysooserious

Psst... Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen. ;)

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