26 January 2012 #3Things

This post is made to follow one of the 8 tips conquering worry from Reader’s Digest. I just simply forget what number this suggestion was. And I just posted this today since yesterday I couldn’t manage to get connected properly. So here they are:

Out of how lucky I am for my wife, fact that my parents in law is staying with us so that my wife is happier (so do I. teheee :P) and my boy to be, three things that I’m thankful for yesterday are:

– I met my old friend from Bank Mandiri. We were in the same batch of Officer Development Program. Batch 24 that stretched from December 2005 until January 2007. He has a good career there but yet he has a very simple way of seeing how life and careers is. Being so grateful and not trying too hard. I tweeted my conversation with him in @danirachmat account yesterday. Conversation with him kind of reminded me that I should be more grateful.

  • The rain stopped everytime I’m ready to go everywhere I go. Earlier yesterday morning when I arrived in Tanah Abang train station It was raining, hard. But by the time I reached Sudiman, the rain just simply vanished so that I could take my walk. This also happened later at night. Bu the time I reached Serpong rain was pouring down like it would never stop. I took my prayer there for first time rather tan wandering around, when I were tying my shoelace hard and stormy rain just ceased into small grain of waters. I could take my way home.

  • I met mbok Sul, a friend from Bank Mandiri Corporate Banking. We talked alot about jobs and working condition. Again, the conversation reminded me to be more grateful for what I already have and what actually Job security is. Later on I enrolled for the 2nd module of Certified Financial Planning Course. Thank God again my wonderful wife fully support this.

Yes this will sound so clichΓ© but there were so many other things happened that I can write them down here but as the topic is three things that I’m thankful for everyday, guess those above are fine.

:: writing while standing in commuter line to Tanah Abang ::

:: grow a day older by Dee playing ::



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