go away you my lazy day

another post to mark that this blog still alive
that Im still alive

been feeling busy and overwhelmed with everythings goin on on my daily life
new accounts that consumate all of my daily focus
May beautiful wife approaching her due date to deliver our handsome baby boy
japanese lesson every monday and wenesday afternoon
certified financial planning every saturday morning
hunting the best yet cheapest things for our home
and other things going on on my mind
had taken away anything writeable and even the mood to write

this to mark (another) commitment to post once a day

-wish myself all luck
-feel likes if im breathing short and gasping for more air



  1. Bibi Titi Teliti
    • danirachmat
  2. Surya
    • danirachmat
      • Surya
  3. bintangtimur
  4. bintangtimur
    • danirachmat

Psst... Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen. ;)

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