It’s been two weeks since the last time I went home nearly midnight. Yeah, though it didn’t happen a lot I still had to stay in the office sometimes. I think working late sometimes is quite familiar for people in banking industry.

Back to my case, after my last assignment that didn’t go well, these two weeks I was like a jobless employee and I am paid to do absolutely nothing?! Well actually it was not bad considering my clock out for couple of days before. Ups. thatsĀ  not the point in this post! Well by doing nothing I can do blogwalkiiiinnnng!!! yeaaay!

Not only blogwalking actually. I also google so many things thinkable that safe for works. confessing šŸ˜› *. The blogwalking I’m doing is not the kind of blogwalking through browser since the office policy ban any address with *blog in it. So, I use Google reader! and amazingly everyblog is allowed to be read!

Blogs that I read for these past couple of days are personal finance blogs that talk about planning future through simple financial methods. I was held captive by the articles how to do your own financial solutions. So many new and interesthing things there. And also couple of my friend’s blogs. Oh why didn’t I knew earlier about this!

No no, not about financial planning things, but about google reader I mean. moreover, blogwalking. Actually I use it way back then, google reader, but I never knew what RSS feed was, didn’t know which blog should I follow and moreover didn’t know what I wanted to read, so this kind of tools just went like any other new gigs from internet for me, until recently.

well, I’ve downloaded the client application to my phone. I’ve subscribed to some blogsĀ and some of my friends that ia writing their mind beautifully like Jejak Roda and Phylolanta. Guess that I will be having a fun reading sessions without worrying to buy book soon!

Happy reading!

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