[EF – 15] What I See from Children's Game Now and Then


Does anyone miss me? 😛

It’s already a full week since my last post about Sailor Mars, my childhood heroine. In a matter of fact, I was planning to leave this blog for sometimes. But one thing for sure, I can not missing out the BEC challenge since I’m the one typing it. Especially for this week’s theme.

We took a twist  this week. Instead of asking you all to tell us the story of your favorite childhood games, we would like to know what is your opinion about the differences between our childhood games and children games today.

I grew up in an area that most of our parents only brought home around Rp. 300 thousand a month. So, I knew nothing of those video game machines or the like during my childhood. Television was a luxury back then. Only one out of 20 households had it at that time.

You’re wrong if thinking what a miserable childhood I had. Haha. Now I’m being judgemental.

It was the best childhood I could ever think of.

So true that I knew nothing about video games, but I had the opportunity to run around the vast wide world. I remember being a kid back then gave me the opportunity to run around barefoot, stepped on rocks and even a rusty nail, exploring a small bamboo wood behind our house where in the middle of it there was a small pond that we could float our boat made of some old banana trees tightened with rope made of the dry tree bark.

No, we didn’t learn how exciting Mario Bros trying to save the princess in Sega, but we learned about trust, honesty and coöperation from our benteng-bentengangobak sodor and many more! We laughed, we cried together.

But children today, I don’t know. Maybe there are children that lucky enough to experience the very same thing as I was. Bu there are many other children that trapped in the so-called “modern” games created for tablets and gadgets. Yeah, it is cliché and I’m pretty sure many of you may write about it. So yes, I’m one of the people who disagree with giving gadgets to children so that they can play games and keep quiet.

To me, children should run around freely in a field, getting tan and had as much time getting dirty by chasing dragonfly and those kind of things.

What do you think?

PS: This is maybe my last post in danirachmat.com hosted by wordpress.com. By saying so, I’m moving to wordpress.org and just throwing out my $20 from WordAds. Maybe you won’t be able to use this blog for a couple of days or maybe up to a week. Thank you for coming back here and read my posts. Hopefully, I will be able to write more posts 🙂



Psst... Rugi loh, habis baca gak komen. ;)

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