[EF#14] She Was My Heroine

Sailor Mars

Speaking of Childhood memories and my favorite cartoon  character as this month’s grand them and this week’s challenge from Blog English Club,  I would like to introduce you to Rei Hino.  A shrine guard who possessed the power of fire from Planet Mars. She was one of the Pretty Sailors from Sailor Moon manga (Japanese comic book) and anime (Japanese animation/cartoon) series.

Well, Sailor Moon for me was a very special manga and cartoon series.  I grew fond memories of them.  It was the first cartoon with a very strong fantasy background. Maybe it was the very exact timing with the schedule of outer space and heavenly bodies learning in my class. Long story short I was a huge fan of the series. There were those cute beautiful sailors as the planet names in the Milky Way constellation in the story,  but I have one particular character that had put her mark in my heart. It was Sailor Mars the alter ego of Rei Hino.

I don’t know whether it was the red color of her uniform,  the power of fire that came with bow and arrow,  her long and black hair,  her temperament or because we shared the same planet,  Mars based on the astrology thingy.  Hahaha.  Oh that fun simple old days.

Everytime Sailor Mars got her chances to fight off the evil characters,  they were the best episodes of Sailormoon.

Then came Katniss Everdeen.  hahahaha.


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