[EF#19] Unforgettable


This week’s English Friday Challenge theme asked me to tell the story about my unforgettable relationship.

From the challenge post, I should tell the story about my relationship with other human beings. Thinking about it, I don’t have any ex-girlfriend that the story worth telling. If I tell you the story about my relationship with my family then it will be just any other same old-same old.

Then, let me tell you about this one particular thing that was so close and dear to me. My old bike.

If Dahlan Iskan had his shoes, I had my bike.

It was a cool so-called mountain bike. Bapak and Ibuk bought and gave it to me on my birthday when I was in sixth-grade elementary school. A year later I was a junior high school student and started to use that bicycle to get to my school which was quite far. Around 30 minutes from home using that bike.

Actually it was a bike for a grown up and a bit too big for my tiny junior-high body. I had to reach a bit far so that I could pedal it but it was fun. I enjoyed every minute of my cycling moments during my school years.

Never thought that the bike would stay with me a bit longer. I kept using it through my college years. Coming from a working class family I didn’t really have the choice. Either an hour using my bicycle or I had to put extra one and half an hour commuting using public transportation.

There were times when I felt so upset and tired of using it. Looking at my friends rode motorcycles or even cars, sent those kinds of unhealthy feelings. Luckily, every time I looked at my parents, I was able to get my inner peace back. The fought even harder than me. So why should I complain then?

Not until my last year of college that I should put my bike to its rest. It started to break down. We needed to fix it here and there until it was the time that we think it was too much trouble to keep it. Its handlebar steering broke when I rode it and caused me an accident. Two of my front-most teeth broke and you can still see it now. The memento of  my lovely old bike.

That one is surely unforgettable. What about yours?

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