Going to a Dentist

Ok.  This is a century long late post.  Answering BEC challenge about going to a dentist.

If you have met me in person,  you will notice that two of my upper front teeth have visible lines that show they have been patched. And yes of course they are not pearly white teeth. But I don’t have any problem with them.

The patches on that I mentioned,  I got them during my very last visit to dentist since I broke those mentioned teeth in an accident back in 2004. More than ten years ago and that was my last time I visit a dentist,  on my behalf to fix something wrong inside my mouth.  If it is for A’s then I regularly visit a dentist for the last 2 years.

I can blame everyone for this afraid-of-dentist feeling I have but then it just won’t do. I’m a grown up now but yet I’m still scared as hell to get a dentist examination.  Maybe it was no longer about the pain I had to endure when the dentist has to do whatever necessary,  but maybe the look at the dentist’s eyes when he/se take a look inside my mouth.

I always have this kind of thinking that a dentist is judging through my inner-mouth health.  I can’t bear that kind of thinking though in fact maybe a dentist was thinking about what she will cook for dinner for her family or how his wife will react on a surpire he prepared for her and not give the slightest judgement at all.  But then again,  I still can’t open my mouth for a dentist  unless it is  already unbearable.

Luckily I don’t have any serious problem with my mouth.  Well,  not that I’m aware of anyway.  Ignorance really is a bliss. 😀

Morning Shower

But of course,  I don’t want A to walk the same path when it comes to dentists.  We want him to have a healthy  relationship with his teeth.  So that was why we brought him to visit his dentist at relatively a very young age.  Not so long after his first birthday and we will visit his dentist again very soon.

So what is your relationship with your dentist?

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