Hey You! This is A Note For You!

I was shocked earlier today. Not a sad kind of shock, but more like a surprised with a bit of joy kind of shock. It happened when I open my Facebook account.

I knew for quite some time already that Facebook has this “On This Day Memory Reminder” feature displays on a particular day what happened  a year up to five years back.  I knew but never interested before to find out what are mine. But not today.

I scrolled down and found out that exactly last year I published a post that became the embryo of BEC. The post is in Indonesian:

#11 Perdagangan Bebas

I then realized something, that Facebook won’t let me forget anything. At least the things that I posted there. This thinking is pretty scary to me. What if I did post something sad, full of anger or anything that I may don’t want to remember. But here I am writing about this.

Because of that recalling memories application, I remember that I have to answer BEC’s 33rd challenge about my future plan. 10 years from now.

Well  nom, let us see… Hmm…. It is indeed pretty difficult to imagine that far forward. To be able to write this post I think I have to re-read my post that I wrote for myself ten years ago. Here’s the post answering BEC’s #8 challenge:

[EF#8] Dear Younger Me

Bu then I realised that my advise for 10-years-younger-me was only keep doing what you are doing with the best effort. LoL. Then I got confused!

Well, the heck. For the next ten years me. I would love you to do the following things:

(1) Open this blog again and read this post thoroughly (I’m setting up a reminder for the next ten years which hopefully will ring you a bell unless there’s a catasthropic event that will diminish Google and its system!). Just done setting up the reminder!

(2) Think about your word for the year. By the time I type this, your word for 2015 is Learn (read this post from earlier this year as the first BEC Challenge: Learn). I hope ten years from now you already have set your five yearly-grand theme and annual word for each and every year. And what is your tenth-annual word?

(3) You will have reached the mature age of 43 by the time you reading this again. How do you feel? Have you started your own business? How’s blogging for you?
I am now expecting by the end of 2025 you will have succesfully run all the three (four including that secret blog) of your current blogs into some spaces for people to looking for something. In order to do that you need to always learn, read and be open. Hopefully that the mighty will always grant you health and willingness to learn.

(4) At your ripe age of 43, I hope you will have started your own business. Unfortunately I can’t give you the light of what kind of business you should try. Maybe you will already have finished your first or second book by the time you turned the age. Finishing a book, is that too much to ask?

Well, I guess I’ll just spare you with only those 4 plans.

From the 33 old you on the anniversary post that will be the start of BEC.


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