Morning Wonders

Everyday I go through a long commuting from Serpong to Jakarta. Using my motorcycle I leave home around 6.00 am heading to Serpong train station which will take around 15 minutes. Another 45 minutes trip using commuter line will make me arrive in Jakarta around 7. 25 am. 30 minutes walk will be one of the most valuable time beside the ones I spend with Bul and Aaqil, during this time I always try to call my mother in Surabaya. Then I spend the rest of the day in the office doing my stuff.

No, this post won’t tell you my daily schedule, I just want to share some things that I see and enjoy every morning during my long commuting. There’s train station situation, Thamrin-Sudirman road, tall building so intimidating, clear sky in the morning that pump up my spirit, a three-in-one lady waiting for anyone need her service.

Here they are.


– happyness is simple –


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