Sweat Addict

Oh how I love to sweat!

It was started few weeks ago. From my intention to feel better by doing sports since I was never type of athlete- person before nor until today, I joined the waistline and weight reduction programme in a gym that is ptovided in the company where I’m working.

After couple of times exercise and joined classes, I got the result. I lost my weight but unfortunately my waist line just as big as before. Frustated by the fact that my waist didn’t get smaller as my weight loss, I hire a personal trainer so that I can find out the right way to exercise.

Since then, I do morning gym at 6.00 am twice a week and if it is possible, I also join afternoon classes. Mostly body-step and Yoga classes. What I find interestung is that I love doing all the exercises. Tired of course but it is worth to do!

Since I started the exercise, I find that vertigo attacks that I sed to have before reduced significantly. And, I sleep better. My sleep quality increase significantly and I feel a lot happier.

I’m addicted to sweat. I like sweating!

Ps: I havent measured my waistline again yet. Wish it will also reducing.

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